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I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Boehm & Wright PLLC of Concord, NH. I have the pleasure of working with Shayna, Lenora and Candy. Having had prior experience with divorce (in Massachusetts) and cut and dry lawyers, it was a pleasure to meet Shayna as she is easy to work with and a personable/caring individual.

I was impressed that Shayna took charge of my case. She put in time and effort in neat, effective and economical fashion. I know it was economical because I saw first-hand what my previous legal advisors and what the other side did wasting and racking up thousands upon thousands of my ex's money.

Shayna (and Candy) made even the ugliest assaults seem ineffective and harmless. They were always personable but demonstrated superior professionalism especially in front of other lawyers and the court.

As far as lawyers go, Shayna has the best interpersonal skills and sincerity of any I have ever worked with.

I believe Boehm & Wright PLLC is my (and I hope your) best asset if and when I (you) need them. I would recommend them to anyone in a challenging divorce that wants to be treated as a decent person, not just dollars and cents.

John S.

Since 2008, the firm of Boehm & Wright has represented me both in a divorce and a subsequent child custody matter. I have found both Lenora Boehm, Esq. and Shayna M. Wright, Esq. to be dedicated, knowledgeable, hard hitting (yet fair) and when matters went to Court they each came well prepared, well versed in the details of my specific case and proved amazingly quick and adroit in parrying the opposition. Shayna M. Wright, Esq. has patiently responded to countless questions never failing to return phone calls or emails. In the future should I have need of legal counsel I expect to return to Boehm & Wright.

Dave C.

I live in the seacoast area and was represented by both Attorney Boehm and Wright during a long litigation involving several civil matters. Things were found in my favor, due to their experience, diligence and ability to have the court see the issues clearly.

I also highly recommend them for divorce issues, as they were instrumental in getting me shared custody of my son almost 10 years ago. I have recommended them both to people I know and they were more than satisfied with the results.


B.L., Exeter, NH

I was looking for a lawyer who could be my voice in handling legal matters with my ex-husband. Knowing that we would be facing some difficult confrontations, I needed to depend on someone with a strong presence, who could stand up in court and truly fight for me. Someone who would advocate for my personal interests and the best interests of my child. Shayna has been this and more. Not only has she has fought every issue with strong-willed determination, but she has had the foresight to think through possible outcomes, which makes her prepared for whatever comes her way. I am consistently impressed by her ability to pay attention to every detail, never letting anything fall through the cracks. More significant than her sharp skills in the courtroom, is her ability to communicate with me. She has always been inclusive in decision-making regarding my case and sensitive and responsive to my thoughts and feedback. I would highly recommend Shayna for legal representation…because really...you DO NOT want her to be the opposing counsel!