“We work our tails off to get you not just the dog,
but everything that is important to you…
…even if that’s just the cat.”

From the moment that you step through our door, you should notice the difference between Boehm & Wright, PLLC and other firms. We understand that any time a person is in need of legal services, it is stressful, emotional and costly. We strive to put you at ease and to provide a comfortable setting for you to discuss your issues and concerns with an attorney you can trust from the first phone call to the end of your case.

Personalized Service - As a small firm, we pride ourselves on offering personalized service. We care about you and your family. The advice we provide is focused not only on your best interests, but also on the best interests of your family. We represent your interests aggressively when appropriate, but also recognize the value of mediated and amicable resolutions to the difficult family issues you may be facing.

Commitment to our clients - As we are a small office, our clients enjoy the benefit of both attorneys being familiar with each case. That way, if there is an occasion when your primary attorney is not available, the other attorney will be ready and able to respond promptly to your needs and concerns. We believe this team approach provides you with a higher level of effective representation.

Most importantly, we are parents and spouses. Therefore, we know how frustrating and stressful it is to be in an uncertain situation, unsure of the future, and concerned about how you, your children, and your family are fairing. Just as we are committed to our own families, we will be committed to yours.

Goal Orientated - At every meeting with you, we will be looking for you to define your goals and to prioritize the issues that are important to you, both now and in the future. We believe that with our legal guidance and experience, we can assist you in making the right choices for you and your family. Once we define your goals, we will create a strategy to fit your particular needs.

We listen to our clients, educate them about their case, inform them about the law behind their particular legal matter, and provide them with options including: whether the matter can be resolved by a simple letter for a low fee, whether the matter is one that they can handle on their own so as to avoid the cost of an attorney, or whether it is best to hire an attorney to assist them in handling the matter.

We make a personal service promise to our clients. We promise that we will treat you how we would want to be treated. We will know your case and your story and we will advocate for you and your family as passionately and aggressively as we would want someone to advocate for us.

Your Decision - The determination for the need for legal services and the choice of an attorney are extremely important decisions and should not be based solely upon advertisements, self proclaimed expertise, or promises of success. Come to the office and meet with us, and see for yourself who we are. Then meet with other attorneys and evaluate the difference. You should employ the lawyer who inspires your confidence in her ability to serve you. We are confident that you will determine that lawyer is right here at Boehm & Wright, PLLC.