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Family Law

The lawyers of Boehm & Wright, PLLC have focused primarily on Family Law issues for over twenty years. “Family Law” encompasses several areas, including divorce, legal separation, parenting rights (custody), domestic violence and restraining orders, child support modification and/or enforcement, grandparents’ rights, adoption and termination proceedings, guardianships, abuse and neglect, and juvenile law (such as child in need of services (CHINS).

Experts say that divorce is one of the five most stressful events in a person’s life. A person going through a divorce experiences a variety of emotions ranging from sadness to anger, from fear to frustration. These emotions are often affected by a number of things inherent in the process, including claims made by the opposing side, whether they are true or false, the discomfort of having to appear in open court, and a court system stressed by budget constraints.

Except in extreme cases, when parents divorce it is important to recognize that they will still be the co-parents of their children. Above all else, it is your children who matter and whose health, welfare, and safety must come first. Parties may divorce each other, but they do not divorce their children. It is important that parents have legal counsel review the Parenting Plans that the Court expects will be filed in every family matter in which minor children are involved. As parents ourselves, we care about children and their needs during a divorce or parenting dispute. We will work with you to ensure that your children’s best interest are met and that they receive the support and assistance they need during the process through counselors, school resources, and, most importantly, their parents.

Aside from issues involving children, the most heavily disputed area of Family Law is in the distribution of marital property. “Property” includes real estate, bank accounts, motor vehicles, special collections, and retirement funds. Liabilities and debts must also be taken into account. A divorce has a major impact on the financial circumstances of the parties. Because emotions, rather than reason, often dictate a party’s actions during this time, it is important to seek out legal representation immediately upon considering a divorce and/or a separation. Boehm & Wright, PLLC will help you to act quickly in order to protect your interests .

In cases in which minor children are involved, the Court will issue orders pertaining to support for them. New Hampshire has developed a formula in order to determine how much support will be paid by one parent to the parent with whom the children reside on a primary basis. This formula was most recently modified on July 1, 2013. Despite the formula, there are a number of factors that the Court can consider when deviating from the formula. You owe it to your children to understand their rights to financial support. Boehm & Wright, PLLC can assist you in evaluating your family’s situation.

Unlike child support, there is no set formula to determine the amount of money that should be paid as alimony. There are a number of factors for the Court to consider, including, but not limited to, the length of the marriage, the income of the parties, the ability of each party to earn future income, and the specific needs of the receiving party. As there is no set formula, it is vital to your interests that you are represented by experienced attorneys in this field, who are prepared to argue how the law applies to your particular financial situation.

Grandparents’ Rights
As the old saying goes, grandparents get the benefit of playing with their grandchildren and enjoying all the fun of spending time with them, but none of the struggles of raising them. However, in many family situations, grandparents of fractured families have little, if any, chance to be involved in their grandchildren’s lives. In New Hampshire, the Court may order contact between grandparents and grandchildren in circumstances where one of the parents is deceased, or the parents are divorced or not living together.

We also represent grandparents in guardianship matters when they are needed to care for their grandchildren due to certain circumstances when the children’s parents are unable or unwilling to provide appropriate care.

These situations are very emotional and take an experienced attorney to guide a grandparent through the process and assist the family, all while minimizing the possibility of damaging the grandparent’s relationship with their own child.

Other Family Law areas
There are many other aspects to family law in addition to divorce and separation. We live in a mobile society where jobs and new families may cause one parent to move out of New Hampshire. Therefore, relocation is often a cause for litigation.

Unfortunately, some families, are living in an abusive situation. The lawyers of Boehm & Wright, PLLC are experienced in matters of prosecuting and defending Domestic Violence Petitions. Our attorneys are also familiar in handling cases where a parent may be accused of abuse or neglect of their children. In such situations, where the Divisions of Children Youth and Families or the police may seek to discuss your family with you, it is imperative to your rights as a parent that you seek out immediate legal assistance.

After a Final Parenting Plan or Divorce Decree has already been issued, issues such as scheduling changes, interference in a parent’s relationship with the child, immoral conduct, or problems with exchanges may warrant a change to the existing order. Modifications to parenting plans are complicated and subject to strict requirements under the law. Contact Boehm & Wright, PLLC to discuss the specifics of your case and whether or not you meet the requirements for a modification.